Dads with Tools, Moms with Paint

A behind the scenes look at the parents who are building the set for "Chicago, the Musical" at Amity.

Just one week ago, we visited the auditorium to see how the set building process was going at Amity High School.

Many of the same parents who worked so hard making the eye popping sets for last year's Les Miserables are back this year with an equally impressive Razzle Dazzle set for "Chicago, the Musical," scheduled to open on April 1.

With only a few weeks to go, the parents, affectionately called "Dads with tools, Moms with paint," meet several nights a week for many hours to paint, nail, screw together and polish the night club setting for the play.

Laura Adair is the idea person behind the designs and the other parents work tirelessly with her to get the job done.

Today, we offer a video clip and photos from last week along with the latest pictures from this week's progress.

Will they be done in time? You Betcha!


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