Restaurant review - Scoreboard Sports Bar & Grill

Scoreboard - More than a sports bar

Scoreboard Sports Bar & Grill is located at 12 Selden St, Woodbridge. The decor is definitely sports bar with jerseys hanging from the rafters. There are a couple of big screen TV's and a lot of smaller ones. Not as good as some other places for large gatherings or watching multiple games. The bar is a good size and very friendly. There is a dining area where you are separated from the bar crowd and can enjoy your meal.

This week, I was accompanied by Joe Oleschuk,  20 year veteran of the Orange Volunteer Fire Association who loves to eat.

We started out with the buffalo chicken wings. They were crispy on the outside and moist and meaty inside. The flavor and texture were great. The sauce had a little kick but was not overpowering at all. The only down side was that it would have been nice having more celery and the celery and blue cheese dressing were not very cold. Overall it was a really good start for a meal and would be perfect for a little something while watching the game.

At the suggestion of the server, we had the Scoreburger, a 3/4 pound burger with onions, mushrooms, bacon and pepper jack cheese.  The burger was cooked perfectly and was nice and lean.  The bacon was crisp but not overdone as it is in a lot of places.  The downside was that the sauteed onions overpowered the burger and neither of us noticed any cheese.  Get the burger but tell then to go easy on the onions and you will be pleased.

Another selection from the server was the Homerun Ribs.  They were not fall off the bone and the sauce had a sweet smokey flavor.  They were average.

For the vegetarians, we had to try the Grilled Portabella Sandwich.  The server didn't know much about it because she doesn't like mushrooms.  In a word -  "SUPER."  The portabello was nicely grilled keeping it's juicy, meaty texture.  The onions complemented it well as did the roasted red pepper.  It was served on a pretzel roll which only added to the wonder of the sandwich.  This I would recommend to anyone and will make the trip back just for this sandwich.

Accompanying the sandwiches we had french fries which were tender with a little crispness, another minute in the fryer and they would have been perfect. We also had the Sweet Potato Fries. They were superb, crisp outside and cooked nicely inside.  Fantastic flavor. The last thing was the onion rings.  They were also perfect and the coating had good flavor, going well with the onions that had a great texture.

They also have a wide variety of salads and wraps along with pizza.

The service was good and the server, Franchesca, was very helpful with our selections.

Scoreboard in Woodbridge may be a great Sports Bar, but it also offers great food at a reasonable price.  Overall rating 9.25


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