Adopt Me! Formerly Crated, Sage is Looking for a Forever Home

An adoptable Australian Cattle Dog from Woodbridge Animal Control.


Sage has had a very unfortunate life. Due to circumstances beyond her or any human's control, she was crated and virtually alone for 20 hours a day. This is not good for any dog, especially a working breed. She eventually made her was to Woodbridge Animal Control and now it's up to us to find her a good home.

Sage is a 13 month old, female, 60 pound, Australian Cattle dog, in a blue merle color. She is a strong, agile, courageous canine that is friendly to humans and other dogs. Given her past history, she will need obedience training and human attention. She has a strong herding instinct which needs to be channeled with tasks, be it playing ball, walks or other physical activities. She loves to work and the harder the assignment, the more determined she will become. Missy Sage would be the ideal, attentive companion for an active family.

Sage, other dogs, cats and rabbits areavailable for adoption at the Woodbridge Animal Control. The shelter is located at 135 Bradley Road and can be reached by phone at 203 389-5991. Or visit us online athttp://www.petfinder.com/pet-search?shelter_id=CT118


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