Bethany Lions Club is Part of Your Life

The LIons Club reaches out to almost every member of the Bethany community, and next month, they focus on raising funds for deserving local high school seniors.

Everyone knows the Lions Club is a civic-minded organization that does good things. But  .  . . what exactly do they do? According to George McDonnell of the Bethany Lions Club, more than meets the eye.

“We are a community-minded organization who supports ongoing senior citizen health screening, activities for the , and Bethany youth activities,” McDonnell said. “We also assist the blind in acquiring seeing eye dogs, contribute to diabetes research and treatment and raise funds for the blind or visually impaired. Bethany Lions also contribute to international relief and assist local food pantries.”

Have you been to the Bethany Memorial Day Parade? Thank the Bethany Lions. How about the Bethany Horse Show? Yes, Lions Club event. Weekend Tag Sale at the Airport Grounds? Children's Halloween party? Yep, Lions Club again. It’s a long and honorable list. But ask a Lion what one of their most important services is and they will probably tell you about their scholarship program.

Each year, the Bethany Lions award to five graduating high school seniors. According to McDonnell, it’s one of the highest amounts given in the state as most clubs offer a single one or two thousand dollar award.

The Lions are extremely proud of this program, and every year they ask for help from town residents to raise these funds by holding their Annual Goods and Services Auction, which is set for March 16, 7 p.m. (viewing begins at 6 p.m.) at the .
“The auction proceeds are the prime fundraiser to support the Bethany Lions Club scholarships,” McDonnell said.

The Lions are currently accepting donations to their 26th Annual Goods and Services Auction. All donations are tax deductible, and can be donated through any Bethany Lions Club member, or by calling George McDonnell at 203-393-3164. The list of items can be previewed online at www.bethanyctlions.com.
And don’t forget to show up and bid on dozens of treasures to do your part – you would be hard-pressed to find a single resident of Bethany that is not in some way touched by the Bethany Lions Club each year, something that can't be done without your help.

Kathleen Schurman February 16, 2012 at 05:00 PM
Don't forget - the Lions Club is looking for donations of "Goods and Services." Services can include a therapeutic massage, emptying of a septic tank or a package of riding lesson. Be creative with your donations! A weekend at a timeshare or cottage is always a popular item!


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