Candlewood Shore Meeting on Parking

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Subject to Board Approval
Candlewood Shores Tax District
Meeting Minutes
Bill Lohan called to order the regular meeting of the Candlewood Shores Tax District to order at 7:35 pm on January 16, 2013.
The following persons were present:
Bill Lohan‐President
Sue Murtha‐Vice Presient
Directors included: Pat Spitzfaden, Sue Pianiforini, Bob Fletcher & Erin Scalera
General Manager‐Steve Gies
Alternates‐ John Leonard, Jim Monigan & Kevin O'Connor
3 members of the community was also in attendance
All in attendance read the minutes from the December Monthly Board Meeting‐Bill made a motion to approve the minutes Bob 1st and Sue P. 2nd. Approved 8 to 0. Bob F. questioned if discussions in executive session should have been recorded in Decembers minutes and Bill stated that the outcome of executive session is to be included in the minutes.

Austin Opinski of 9 Clearview was present to dispute a violation that was issued on 1/14/13 for snow ban parking. A violation sticker was placed on his vehicle regarding said violation. Austin stated that the sticker did not look authentic. Austin stated that he called the office regarding same and spoke with Steve. Austin was told the violation was up to a $50.00 fine.
Kevin Opinski was present as well to speak on his brothers behalf. Kevin stated that the by laws seem to contradict each other and he feels that after reading 1988‐4 6A, 6E and 6F that every car on Clearview should have been ticketed. Kevin also stated that Austin has very bad knees and is handicapped. And therefore, should not have been issued the ticket as there was nowhere safe for him to park due to his medical condition. Kevin also stated that he has contacted the Fair Housing Commission and that the Board should make themselves familiar with a lawsuit in regards to Willow Springs due to lack of Handicapped parking. Kevin stated that CSTD should be providing handicapped parking on Clearview. Kevin then stated a possible lawsuit and that maybe the attorneys can figure it out.
Steve told Austin that a violation detailed letter was mailed to his place of residence after their conversation. Steve stated that the by laws are in place to benefit the community. Bill stated
that CSTD residents requested in 2005 that alternate side of the street parking take place and
that has been in effect ever since. Steve explained to Austin that if his CSTD parking permit was
visible the office would have made an attempt to contact the owner based on the CSTD permit
#. Steve also asked for clarification on this issue. He asked if this is your first violation, Austin
and that you have lived here for over 13 years. And that your street has been marked with a
signage regarding parking ban since 2005 and Austin stated yes. Jim M asked if Austin had a
handicapped permit visible and Austin stated no. It was further asked if Austin presently carries
a CT handicapped permit and Austin again stated no. Kevin Opinski asked why only one side of
Clearview gets plowed and Steve stressed that the crew makes every effort to plow the side of
the street where cars are allowed to park. Steve also stressed if numerous cars are removed
from the street in front of your home and you would like it plowed. Please call the office and
the crew will go plow the area.
Bill asked that we close this issue which appeared to be more of a hearing and we will consider all that was discussed and advise Austin of the outcome at a further date.
Linda Q commented that Clearview has been one side parking for a long time and it is in place to keep the road safe and clear to emergency vehicles and road crews.
Linda Q. of 26 Clearview stated that she thinks it is unbelievable that we would consider spending any money to turn the office into a bank vault to protect an employee. Linda stated that we should look into spending the money on a customer relations course and evaluate the employee’s customer service abilities. She further stated that she has been here for over 30 years and that we should be looking at the employee as we have never needed to place a barrier in the office to protect an employee before.
Steve stated that he feels strongly that something is needed in the office. No reasons due to staff personalities. Customer service is a separate concern. Steve stated that he has seen attitudes and aggression numerous times by people visiting the office, beach, etc. Steve stated that 1 person is often in the office by themselves and he clearly and wholeheartedly believes something needs to be done.
Bill stated that the barrier was not designed to represent or mimic a bank vault. It was drawn with decorative spindles. Bill said the fact that it’s an office a minimum of a gate needs to be installed to prevent anyone from walking in.
From July 2012 to December 2012‐ Target 50%
Tax District
Total Shared Expenses = 54.5%
Total Community Expenses = 39.3%
Total Shared & Community Expenses = 50.1%
Total Capital Improvement = 0.8%
Total Expenses = 43.1%
Water Budget
Total Water Dept Expenses = 47.1%
Total Capital Improvement = 63.0%
Total Expenses = 47.7%
‐ CSTD bobcat loader has been returned from the dealer. Invoices are roughly $4000.00 for repair but Steve contacted the manufacturer and they may be adjusting the price.
‐ CSTD crew is currently working on general maintenance including refurbishing the fire dock and swim float. The swim float was found to have interior damage. At this time Steve is working on estimates to purchase a new dock and/or rebuild in house. Kevin O stated that the swim platform is not in the same place as it was in the prior years. He asked if the lake is lowered enough could we dig out an area and attach the location to a GPS so we can always find the correct place. Steve stated that we can't just go out and dig an area like was done in the past. Permits and permission from First Light, wetlands and the State of CT must be obtained. John L also asked if the deck had non skid paint and if not could it be applied?
‐ New CSTD Dump truck will have its first full winter. The higher capacity truck was purchased 1.5 years ago and it is saving mileage, gas and man hours. CSTD normally uses 2 sanders and with the dump truck working so well we are using 1.
‐ Mr. McCloud, 7 Mountainview asked Steve to approach the Board in his absence regarding a snow ban parking violation 1.5 weeks ago. Asking to reconsider violation.
‐ Currently working on in house accounting and upcoming budgets.
‐ CSTD permit hang tags need to be ordered. Proposed start date for permits March 15th or April 15th. The board agreed on April 15, 2013 to have new hang tags in all CSTD vehicles.
‐ Financials are complete. The board was presented with them last week. Sue P said everything looks fine.
‐ In 6 weeks 2 alarms have gone off in regard to our wells. Upon prompt investigation on on behalf of CSTD crew it was found that the check valves on 2 wells need to be replaced. Currently looking into replacement. Current valves are obsolete so we will have to replace with new parts and some redesigns.
• November / December Service Calls:
* Residential water leak 123 North Lake Shore
* Residential water leak Longview and Harvard
‐ 12/29 8am Ordinance Enforcement / Construction before 8 am
‐ Brookfield Police Department Sand / Salt call 12/27, 12/29, 12/31 & 1/5

1) Safety Committee – no group meetings. Some members currently conducting research on various items and will report back on findings. Planning on meeting with Major Purcell but no date has been set.
2) Recreation Committee‐ Bill read 2 letters. First‐ Resident at 42 Berkshire complementing the efforts taken on behalf of the Lighting Committee on a successful and great event. Second‐ an anonymous letter delivered to a recreation members mailbox stating disgust that CSTD was disrespectful to Newtown by having the Lighting Contest go on. The letter was rather nasty and was signed CSTD neighbors.

‐ Hang Tag system. Steve stated that it worked very well and it was the best season so far. Kevin O asked if we could record license plate numbers on the hang tags to prevent people from giving them to non residents. Steve stated that the plate number may be an issue as someone may have some idea of people's cars and know that no one is home at that current address. Steve stated that we are under the gun to order tags for the current season. The hang tag system is not foolproof. Brainstorming should be happening for next season. Kevin also recommended that we use photo ID's for tighter security.

‐ Kevin O asked if firewood from the community could be stacked somewhere for resident use. He suggested we put it out there to the community and if there was a good show of interest it could be stacked with the current leaf and brush for residents to take from. It was mentioned that maybe something could be put in the classifieds that go out to the community. Bill stated that the town dump currently has free wood and wood chips for town residents.

IX. New Business
Austin Opinski, Snow Ban Violation. Bill made a motion to neither dismiss nor reduce the ticket, Bob F second. 5 yes/ 0 No Unanimous that the ticket stands.
Mr. McCloud, Snow Ban Violation. Bill made a motion to neither dismiss nor reduce the ticket, Bob F second. 5 yes/ 0 No Unanimous that the ticket stands.

X. Old Business

XI. Second Public Comment

Bill Lohan adjourned the meeting at 8:48 pm Sue P 1st and Pat S. 2nd

Minutes submitted by: Erin Scalera
Minutes approved by:


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