Rally In Support of Shared Parenting Proposed Bill No. 77 and Parental Alienation

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Following a year and a half of delays in family court and
spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, Jerry Mastrangelo is still fighting to see his children. His high profile Parental Alienation case involving his three children, despite a court ordered parenting plan and joint custody agreement has received much attention leading Connecticut State Senator Len Fasano to propose Bill No. 77 regarding Shared Parenting. 

A Rally is planned for Saturday, March 2, 2013 at Zandri's Stillwood Inn -1074 South Colony Road, Route 5, Wallingford, CT to support Bill No. 77 with other parents, grandparents and those who would like to change the law in Connecticut as it relates to Shared/Equal Parenting, Parental Alienation, and the appointment of Guardian Ad Litems.  Senator Fasano and other elected officials plan to be in attendance. There will be a press conference to invite hundreds to the Capitol in the upcoming weeks for a public hearing on Bill No. 77. 

The Rally is from 9:45am – 12:30pm. Anyone can RSVP for the Rally at Stillwood Inn - 203-269-6695.

One of New England’s leading criminal Attorneys, Norm Pattis represents Mastrangelo in family court.  The children, 13-year-old triplets, have been estranged from their father, Jerry Mastrangelo, for nearly two and a half years in what’s known as a severe case of Parental Alienation. 

 “While it is unusual for me to represent a client in family court, I look at this case as a criminal offense and Jerry and his three children are the true victims here. This case focuses on the huge injustice that has been allowed keeping a great father from his kids,” said Attorney Pattis.

The crime of Parental Alienation ensued after the children’s mother; Trudianne Formica of Bethany, Connecticut started a new relationship with Yale Physician, Dr. Richard Formica and then filed for divorce in July 2005.

Mastrangelo has spent close to three hundred thousand dollars just to be a father to his children, while Formica and her new husband have fought to keep Mastrangelo

According to Mastrangelo, “After months and years of dealing with a broken and archaic family court system, I am happy that Senator Fasano proposed a Bill that is just the beginning of what changes will need to be made in
Connecticut to protect our children and families. Children need both parents and they have a right to love and be loved by both of them.”

An Honest Observation August 20, 2013 at 11:59 PM
The Jerry Mastrangelo/Trudianne Formica case is a criminal offense in which the mother, step-parent, courts, GAL, attorney for the children, Trudianne's lawyer and Jerry's previous lawyer (who called it a criminal offense) have failed to protect the hearts of three innocent children. As a result of severe parental alienation, these children have been taught to lie, be hurtful and not care about their dad. It sickens me to know that so many adults have contributed to the lifetime negative consequences that these children will be forced to deal with once they learn the truth....that their childhood years were stolen from them and their dad. Brainwashing is child abuse.


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