Oxford Man Arrested for Assaulting Award-Winning Author Colum McCann

Michael Mott, 34 of 411 Chestnut Hill Road (Credit: New Haven Police Department)
Michael Mott, 34 of 411 Chestnut Hill Road (Credit: New Haven Police Department)
A man from Oxford, CT, confessed to punching Colum McCann, an award-winning novelist, outside the Study Hotel in New Haven.

Michael Mott, 34 of 411 Chestnut Hill Road, turned himself in to detectives on Monday and was arrested, according to a New Haven Police Department news release.

Police learned that on June 28, Mott and his wife checked in to the Study Hotel on Chapel Street, according to the release. Mott's credit card was later declined for the hotel room, and Mott and his wife began to argue in the hotel lobby.

McCann, 49 of New York, reportedly noticed the conflict and and asked Mott's wife if she needed help, but she declined.

When McCann left the hotel, police say Mott punched him in the face and McCann passed out. 

Police and EMTs were called to the hotel at 10:16 p.m., according to the release. McCann was treated for "significant facial injuries" at Yale–New Haven Hospital.

A warrant was issued for Mott. His wife "later confessed he was the assailant detectives were looking for."

Mott is charged with family violence breach of peace in the second degree for the argument in the hotel lobby and assault in the second degree for punching McCann, according to the release.

“This was a particularly disturbing case because Mr. McCann was specifically targeted after he tried helping another victim," said Chief Dean M. Esserman in the statement. "We appreciate the valuable assistance of our officers, detectives, the Yale University Police Department and the public.”

1 July 08, 2014 at 11:25 PM
A few lessons here. 1) mind your business or you may get punched in the face. 2) always have a backup credit card in your own name. Especially if you are unfortunate enough to marry a spendthrift. 3) don't punch a person in the face where you just tried using a credit card - the cops can track you down that way.
Bert Marchael July 09, 2014 at 06:54 AM
After looking at the picture of Mott, I doubt he could read, let alone read anything McCann wrote. As they say, "No good Deed goes unpunished."


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