Three Cars Robbed in Bethany Overnight

State police urge residents to lock their car doors and bring valuables inside.

Last night three cars in the Dayton Road area of Bethany were robbed, according to All of the cars were unlocked and the robbers helped themselves to cash, a wallet and even a stash of prescription medications.

"People think just because it's Bethany they don't have to lock their car doors at night," Merriam said. "That's not true."

He added that the thieves were only after cash and other quick items. GPS systems and tools were left behind.

Merriam is urging all residents to take proper precautions and lock their vehicles at night and remove valuable items.

Sue Ellen January 24, 2012 at 01:00 PM
Sounds like a teenager(s)...looking for quick cash - drugs...drug money. It's an odd street to hit unless you live in the immediate area.


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