Campaign Notebook: Winsley To DeLauro: Let's Debate

News and updates from the campaign trail in Connecticut.

Third District

Wayne Winsley is challenging Rosa DeLauro to a debate, but apparently hasn’t heard anything back from her campaign, according to a statement. No debates have been scheduled for Third District yet.

“It is time for incumbent DeLauro to stop dodging and join me with the citizens of the 3rd [Congressional District] in public forums,” Winsley said.

Fifth District

Elizabeth Esty and Andrew Roraback agree about what to do with the rising gas prices. Both candidates believe that there should be an investigation into oil speculation, which they attribute to the high prices, reports the Record-Journal. Roraback also blames President Barack Obama’s energy policies and Connecticut’s gas taxes.

Second District

Joseph Courtney (D) announced today that the University of Connecticut has won five grants from the U.S. Department of Education totaling $710,752 per year for three years to provide direct fellowship aid to graduate students pursuing degrees in areas of national need.


The New Haven Register reports that a group is spending $640,000 to support his campaign against McMahon. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is upping its contributions in light of McMahon’s personal contributions to her campaign.

McMahon reportedly gave $16 million of her own money to her campaign, while Murphy raised only $5.7 million.

Fourth District

Jim Himes (D): The Concord Coalition – a nonprofit group aimed at eliminating federal budget deficits – honored Himes for his support of a budget plan that would have reduced the deficit by $4 trillion. That budget, based on the Simpson-Bowles plan, ultimately failed. Himes was among 38 representatives who received the 2012 Paul E. Tsongas Economic Patriot Award.

Steve Obsitnik (R) was joined by Linda McMahon at a campaign event at the Greenwich Senior Center.

"We need jobs in Connecticut — we need to address out fiscal mess — and most importantly we need some courageous leadership in Washington," . "Because this next Congress is going to deal with more change than we've had in the past 30 years. So it's going to come down to: Who do you trust? You have a Congressman there now who really believes that big government and stimulus and all these things from the past few years are the path to prosperity for us and our kids.”

Christopher Schaefer September 22, 2012 at 07:25 PM
DeLauro's deceit. Time for the media to call her on it. http://youtu.be/IhkZ0N-iT2Y
Hansa Junchun September 24, 2012 at 04:12 PM
WFSB Channel 3 has traditionally hosted debates for the candidates in October. They must coordinate with both campaigns and come to a reasonable agreement. Rosa is on record for promising a debate. In her 2008 debate with Bo ItsHaky, Rosa said right at the beginning of the event, "I am ALWAYS happy to participate in ONE debate with my Republican opponent." Always? Let's see Rosa debate Winsley, face-to-face. She is proud of her record. Let's see her promote why she deserves another 2 years.... After 22 years of partisan extremism, overseeing the deindustrialization of America, the bankrupting of millions of people, the loss of half of the middle-class's wealth, the rise of GMO and hundreds of billions of dollars to global agro-corporations, her love affair with ethanol, which caused the spreading of Arab spring revolutions which has killed tens of thousands, "saving" GM at a cost of $50 billion, her appallingly evil banker bailout vote for TARP, her pointless stimulus vote, her "enrich tort lawyers" law known as the Ledbetter act, and on and on and on!
MAC September 27, 2012 at 11:11 PM
69 yr. old Rosa needs to be RETIRED! I think she is afraid to debate Wayne Winsley, because he is such an energetic, smart and articulate, and winsome, candidate. Winsley is a patriot (Navy vet) who is extremely intelligent, totally Principled and a man of INTEGRITY! Whereas DeLauro has been skating along in her 22 yrs in congress--a job she was practically anointed to because of her family name and work as a Dodd staffer--accomplishing virtually nothing except being personally enriched! As a reliable vote for all the BORROW and SPEND, more and more government--taking higher and higher TAXES and regulating evermore aspects of our daily lives--she is in my view one of the worst "career politician" partisan hacks!! That's not even to mention the fact that DeLauro's BFF is Communist party leader Joelle Fishman. DeLauro will melt into a corner if she ever debates this superb candidate for congress. Please spread the word about Wayne, and help elect him with contributions, and volunteer your time if you have any concern for our nation's and your posterity's FUTURES!! You don't have to live in the 3rd CD to contribute and/or volunteer. Friends and patriots from out of state can even donate to his campaign. See opportunities to meet Wayne, with events this weekend shown below. http://winsleyforcongress.org/ Wayne is also on FB: http://www.facebook.com/Winsley.for.Congress
WoodbridgeWatch September 28, 2012 at 01:28 PM
Arrogant richy Rosa is saved by the local media once again as they won't guilt her into doing what she should be REQUIRED to do- she works for us last time we checked.


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