In the 114th, Klarides Faces Challenge from Hynes

Social media manager Aldon Hynes focuses on health care and education; Klarides campaigns on a message of fiscal responsibility.

Click above to see closing statements from both candidates at Patch's  October 22 state representative debates.  

Two candidates in the race for State Representative for Connecticut's 114th assembly district, which includes Orange, Woodbridge and Derby.

Themis Klarides (R)

Klarides is in her seventh term as State Representative for the district. She serves as Deputy Republican Leader in the state house, as well as holding posts on numerous committees including Appropriations and Judiciary committees. In addition to her political career, she is an attorney for Cohen and Wolf in Orange.

Earlier this year, she served as a delegate to the Republican Convention in Tampa, Florida and appeared briefly on The Daily Show.

Education: B.A. in Political Science, Trinity College; Quinnipiac School of Law

Lives in: Derby

Twitter: @RepTKlarides

Closing statement:

"Don't spend more than you make, don't borrow more than you can afford to pay back. If it's not broken, don't fix it, but if it's broken, get rid of it. The more government does, the less it does well, and we should have all the government we need but only the government we need."

Aldon Hynes (D)

Hynes is a blogger and the social media manager for the Community Health Center, a statewide organization with 13 locations across Connecticut. A Woodbridge resident, he has emphasized health care and education in his campaign. A first-time nominee, Hynes worked on Vermont Gov. Howard Dean's 2004 presidential campaign and Ned Lamont's 2006 Senate campaign. His wife Kim ran for State Representative in Stamford in 2004.

Education: Studied Philosophy at the College of Wooster in Ohio

Lives in: Woodbridge

Twitter: @HynesCT2012

Closing Statement:

"I hope that when people go out and vote, they will be able to vote in this district for not the lesser of two evils, but for the better of two candidates. I would like to encourage everyone to stay involved ... There's all kinds of places to be more involved in your community, whether it's your schools, your places of worship, fraternal organizations ... Be more involved, because that's what this is really all about."


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