Public Works Roof Repair, New Cars in Town, School Budgets

Bethany Board of Finance Feb. 14, 2011

A synopsis of what happened at last night’s Bethany Board of Finance meeting.

  • Public Works Director Al Green appeared before the board to discuss leaks in the . According to Green, the roof was recently repaired, but during an ensuing storm, water began to leak into the building in an entirely new area. A section of wall had to be taken apart and repaired at a cost of $4,800. Green asked if the money could be allocated from the contingency fund, or if it should be used directly from public works. The BOF agreed it should come from the public works account, and if needed, money can be later transferred back in.
  • John Grabowski reported on the . Grabowski said the board is working to bring the budget to the town with a zero percent increase.
  • Chairman Janet Brunwin said the number of people in town buying newer cars has increased which has impacted the grand list, creating a 6.17 percent increase in the assessed value of Bethany motor vehicles.
  • Brunwin said the is still working to reduce the budget. The board of education has voted to repurpose $344,000 previously set aside for a roof repair project and use it for other capital projects such as converting the school to natural gas and replacing bleachers. Also, the BOE is looking at a self-funded insurance plan that will not impact employee health care, but would realize significant savings to the school system.
  • Amity School Superintendent Dr. John Brady will present the budget to the Bethany Board of Finance on March 13.


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