State Rep Candidate's Mother Dies in Sandy-Related Accident

Aldon Hynes, a candidate for Connecticut's 114th congressional district, says his campaign schedule remains unclear.


Alice Hynes, the mother of state representative candidate Aldon Hynes, passed away Monday in a storm-related Pennsylvania car accident, according to a statement released by his campaign Tuesday. 

Aldon Hynes, of Woodbridge, is the Democratic nominee for State Representative in Connecticut's 114th representative district, comprising Orange, Woodbridge and Derby.

"I appreciate all the kind words and support all of you have given me, both as I grieve the death of my mother as well as for my campaign," he wrote in a message to supporters on his campaign web site.

"I spoke with my mother just before she went out to visit my sister," wrote Hynes. "She talked about how happy she was for me owning a beautiful house in Woodbridge.  She spoke about how proud she was of me running for State Representative and we talked about how much she enjoyed hearing about what her grand-daughter, Fiona, was doing at Beecher Road School."

According to CBS Pittsburgh, Alice Hynes was the passenger in a car that lost control while driving on a slushy road. The car "veered off across double lines and into a small farm pond," said the report.

"I’ve often joked that if [I] win this election, being Fiona’s Dad may be one of the most important factors," wrote Hynes. "Being Alice Hynes’ son may be another factor. I hope it won’t be out of sympathy, but because I am bringing the love and commitment to my community that I have learned from her."

Hynes said he will be unavailable for campaign-related activities for a short period of time he remains committed to the campaign and will continue his candidacy through election day.

"As a final note, I have tried run the sort of campaign my mother would be proud of, civil, respectful and focused how to help the people of the community," he wrote. "My opponent has also run a good race, and in the end, whether you vote for me or my opponent, please, get out and vote.  Find ways to become more involved in our community.  Help make this world a better place."


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