Amity Board of Ed: We Have a Plan

One of the board's main goals is to create new teacher and principal evaluations in order to follow new state laws.

At first glance, the goals set by the Amity Board of Education each year around this time look only like a bunch of words.

The first goal reads: "Continuously improve curriculum, instruction, professional development and assessment, as well as student identification and placement practices based on collection, analysis and reflection of student outcome data."

What that really means is that professional development will continue, the entire curriculum at the high school will be put into an online database and middle schools will eventually follow. Also as part of the first goal, the board will create a .

The evaluations, according to Amity Superintendent of Schools John Brady, will be formulated in the upcoming year and executed in the following year.

“Every year teachers are petrified of evaluations, when most of the feedback is positive,” Brady says. “Maybe the positive feedback will lessen their fear.”

The new goals begin to lean toward what’s called the Common Core Standards, the set of guidelines that will replace those associated with the CAPT tests.

In all, Brady presented the school board with six goals that focus on the basic curriculum, technology, STEM, and a district-wide ‘Culture Project.’

The board of education will adopt the goals at its regular monthly meeting Monday evening at the board offices.


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