Amity Turf Field Fundraising Committee Seeks Your Help!

The committee needs funds to replace grass with turf at the sports complex.

The following is a release from the Amity Field Fundraising Committee:

We have embarked on a journey to have a turf field installed at the Amity High School sports complex. The Amity Turf Committee was formed by a group of parents to help make the Amity athletic complex the shining star in the SCC and the state of Connecticut. A “state of the art” turf field will benefit both boys and girls athletic teams. It also affords us the opportunity to host tournaments, camps and youth programs. 

The turf fields being installed today are among the safest, most durable fields made. There have been fewer injuries reported on turf fields than on grass and the injuries that do occur are not as severe. The benefits to Amity as a whole are tremendous. There will be fewer, if any, rainouts, which would mean no rescheduling of games. The yearly cost to maintain the field is about one-third the cost of grass and the wear and tear on the additional fields is considerably less due to teams practicing on the turf, which in turn means less maintenance to the remaining fields.

However, due to budgetary constraints, there is no money in the school budget to replace the existing field. The Board of Education has voted unanimously to install the field if the funds are raised. The estimated cost of this project is about $700,000 and with the support we have received thus far it is a realistic goal. There has been a 501(c)3 account set up at the school so all donations are tax deductible.

We are simply asking every family of the Amity School district to donate $100.00. If each family can make this simple pledge, our turf field will become a reality.

We also have family and corporate sponsorships available.

To make a donation please contact one of the following committee members;

Jeffrey Kwolek, Jeffrey.kwolek@optonline.net
Adam Luth, Akluth@optonline.net
Steve Makowski, Smakowskim@aol.com

Please help us make Amity athletics the premier program in Connecticut.
Thank you very much for you generous donation.
The Amity Turf Committee


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