UPDATE: BCS Well Problem Under Control, Regular School Hours Wednesday

Leaky pipe could have caused low water levels.

UPDATE Tuesday 5:15 p.m. School Superintendent Tim Connellan has announced that school will be in session on Wednesday, regular hours.

ORIGINAL STORY: A suspected leak in a well line caused the Bethany Community School to close early on Tuesday. According to School Superintendent Tim Connellan, Facilities Manager Joe Lukos noticed one of the water tanks had gone into alert mode early in the day. Upon inspection it was found the water level was too low to adequately service the school and the decision was made to have an early dismissal.

"We had to decide how soon we could mobilize transportation, how soon we could notify the parents," Connellan said. "It went very smoothly. Every parent confirmed contact."

Connellan said the office was busy fielding phone calls from parents who needed to make alternate arrangements for their children.

A tanker of potable water was brought in to top off the well. The well service company then identified what they believe is a leak in one of the lines running from the well to the annex buildings. According to Connellan, that section of pipe has been closed down while they try to locate the leak and repair it. If the leak isn't repaired in time, there is another possible fix; well #1, which feeds water to Bethany Town Hall, also used to supply the school annexes. They are investigating the possibility of temporarily reopening that valve.

"We are making some contingency plans with regards to opening school tomorrow," Connellan said. "We just have to make sure we have the facilities in working order."


Colleen February 15, 2012 at 01:28 PM
It went very smoothly. Every parent confirmed contact." This is NOT the case!!! My daughter came home to an EMPTY house. My husband only found out because he happened to check his email! I am confused why do I give all the emergency contacted when in an "emergency they don't use my contacts? My daughter tried calling me at home and my cell NOT the school !! I wasn't home I was at work. I don't have the proper cell coverage at my job so therefore she couldn't get in touch with me. Did any one try my job, my husbands cell, my husbands work, or the other three contacts that I have listed on my emergency contact form?? No they didn't!
Chris February 15, 2012 at 05:25 PM
I received a call at 11:55 with a 12:10 dismissal! There has to be a better and faster way to contact parents. With the downsizing of each grade, why isn't the goal to move the 5th an 6th grades into the main building and get rid if the annex buildings? They are awful!
Alex February 16, 2012 at 04:37 AM
Awful is putting it mildly! Not to mention the safety issue as these 11 and 12 year olds walk alone to and from main building, no adult at all times. How about the sex offenders living in just a few mile radius of BCS or any other lingering people on school grounds! By the way, did anyone else notice the deteriorating outside concrete stairs from annexes to main building area? Wow, a 15 minute notice (regarding "Chris") and how about the out of town parents of kids from New Haven, etc...heard we are getting several more this school year too, costing our town even more money. I'm all for diversity but can we focus on the Bethany kids for now since BCS can't seem to even get that right! Come on parents, let's speak up, it's our kid's we're talking about here....


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