Bethwood Schools Miss Out on State Funding Boost

The most troubled schools will be getting most in the proposed spending plan.

Connecticut schools will be getting an additional $50 million in funding from the state of Connecticut in 2012-13, but don’t expect much of that money to come to the Bethany and Woodbridge school districts if the measure passes. 

Under the governor’s proposed plan, Bethany would receive 2 million dollars in state funds, which is a .57 percent increase. Woodbridge would receive the exact amount as last year with $721,370. Numbers for the , which is shared with Orange, was unavailable. 

The bulk of the new funding is going to the worst schools. In yesterday, Malloy proposed a plan to reform education from pre-school through college and professional job training programs.

The plan includes allocating an additional $40 million to establish "Alliance Districts," which would be made up of 30 of the state’s lowest-performing school districts.

To receive funding, each alliance district must successfully implement a reform plan subject to approval by the state Department of Education.

In the proposed plan, no town in the state will receive less funding from 2011-2012 levels but the bulk of the money will go to the Alliance District schools.


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