Brady: Survey Will Help In Superintendent Search

This is a pres release regarding the Amity, Region #5 Superintendent Search

The Amity Region #5 Board of Education is beginning the search for the next Superintendent of Schools. Dr. John Brady has very successfully led Amity for 7+ years and will be retiring at the end of this school year.

The Board has selected CABE Search Services, an educational recruitment firm, to facilitate the search for the next superintendent, and Dr. Jacqueline Jacoby will be the lead search consultant. CABE Search Services has been integral to the successful completion of superintendent searches throughout Connecticut.  

The first step, and very important one, in the search process is to schedule focus groups to seek input from school and community members. The Amity Region #5 Board sees communication and community participation as essential components of a comprehensive search for a superintendent.

Board Chairman, William Blake said, “Our Board is dedicated to seeking community input from staff and constituent groups to learn about strengths and challenges, as well as key characteristics and leadership qualities desired in the next educational leader.”  

Focus groups are being scheduled beginning in January through early February. Announcements of the dates and locations of the focus groups will be placed on the district website, http://www.amityregion5.org and information circulated throughout the schools, community and in the newspaper.

Plans are to meet with school staff, parents, students, elected and appointed officials, town employees, business and service club leaders, legislators, clergy, and other community members and leaders to have a broad range of constituents provide input. 

Anyone who is unable to attend a community forum can complete a paper survey at the Amity Board of Education Office (25 Newton Road, Woodbridge), Town Halls and Town Libraries, or they may complete an online survey on the district website at   http://www.amityregion5.org Completed forms must be received on or before February 13, 2012. The Board encourages participation as constituent input is valued.     


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