No School in Amity Tomorrow, Nov. 2

Principals say it is still not safe to bus students in any of the BOW towns.

With safety of children a priority, Amity school officials have announced that there will be no school tomorrow, Nov. 2.

A release from the school says:

There will be no school in Amity tomorrow….Friday, November 2nd. Please pass the word. Orange Middle School has no power, and though the high school and the Bethany Middle School do have power, it has been deemed not yet safe to bus students to school in any of the three towns.

If you are in need of a shower or wish to charge your devices, the high school in Woodbridge and the Bethany Middle School both have power (but no school) and are open to the public between 9:00 and 3:00.

Take care and be safe…more updates tomorrow.


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